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Corporate Social Responsibility
CISCO fund to Lebanese Government
Client: CDR
The council for Development and Reconstruction has recieved a grant money from CISCO systems to support the recruitment of 25 Information Technology interns in order to add value to those organizations and help them in their IT goals and standards. The length of the Internship period is eleven months, in which Kabbara & Associates work include:
- Evaluating the position of every intern and insuring that their assignments are in line with their profile and that they have a mentor and a manager in their prospective organization.
- Assessing the work that he/she accomplishes, through monthly feedback report to their progress after talking to the intern and the manager.
- Recommending work modification, or a change of scope in his/her actual work.
- Helping the interns in building a real life experience and being assigned a real life project.
- Reporting to CDR as well as to CISCO Systems on a monthly basis on the 25 interns progress and assignments.