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Feasibility study and market research
Road Feasibility
Client: Dar Al Handasah
A road feasibility study was conducted for the Council for Development and Reconstruction for a roadway construction connecting Haddath to Bqerqasha. The project included the study of: - ‎Earthworks needed for new stretches and for existing road widening

- ‎Pavement works

- ‎Drainage works such as the construction of drainage ditches, drainage trenches, and crossing water pipes and culverts ‎

- Structural works such as the construction of new retaining walls ‎ ‎-‎ new bridges, new culverts and reinforced concrete extensions and repairs

- ‎Road signing, safety and lighting works ‎

- ‎Landscaping works such as planting new trees and creepers of adequate ‎species, transplanting and pruning existing trees

- ‎Sundry works such as natural stone covering for retaining walls, raising up ‎of manhole covers for overlaid pavement

- ‎Utilities works such as water supply and telephone works